Leadership , Technology & Productivity

Technology, leadership, and productivity are the primary elements to carry out a stronger and purposeful way of life these days. In our generation, we must understand how to manage time productively so that we can reach our objectives, so technology encourages us to run things adequately. We have apps that can support us manage our time, but we are still not managing time adequately.

I see the world is in an administration dilemma. I reflect upon our democracy these days and when I consider which Good Leaders to elect; it is a serious challenge. I suppose we appear to not have leaders that thoroughly recognize WHY they are leaders and how they can benefit from technology to serve the community.








Leadership , Technology & Productivity

What are the top disabilities affecting poor countries?

There are many disabilities that can affect people living in poor countries, and the specific disabilities that are most prevalent can vary from place to place. However, some disabilities that may be more common in poor countries include:
Physical disabilities:

Life after covid19


For the previous four months the entire world has been in war with a virus that has already killed over 100 000 people and it has earned a new “an invisible enemy”. Corona virus known

Help stop the spread of COVID-19

As per the World Health Organisation , Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses which may cause illness in animals or humans.  In humans, several coronaviruses are known to cause respiratory infections ranging from the common

Have a plan for your self-development

It is the beginning of the year and as usual, many of us are making a list of things we would like to achieve by the end of the year. So many of us didn’t even achieve the things we

Top Tips for Black Friday

It is that moment of the year again, the Black Friday is just two days near. Black Friday has grown over the years in South Africa in the retail space. According to 22 Seven there’s been 265% increase in clothing on

Technology Changes Since 2010

Technology has changed dramatically over the past ten years. Our lifestyle has changed for the better and the worst. If you can just take a moment to reflect on your own life, you will notice how good or bad technology

4 ways to manage stress effectively

4 ways to manage stress effectively
Managing stress is a skill that you can easily learn and below I have four things to get you started on how to manage stress.
Focus on what you can control
This is the

South Africa is in Leadership crisis

South Africa is in Leadership Crisis
I have been observing the news, and I noted that many companies are having interim CEOs. This for me screams trouble in our leadership succession strategy. 
We require establishing the succession plan for our

Yini UbuHoli noma Kusho Ukuthini Ukuba nguMholi

Yini UbuHoli noma Kusho Ukuthini Ukuba nguMholi
Ubuholi noma ukuba ubuholi akusho ukuthi ukuthi unesikhundla esithize njengo kuthi uyiCEO yekampani , akusho ukuthi uyindoda noma ungowesifazane , akuyi ngeminyaka ukuthi umncane noma umdala. Isibonelo nje inkosi uShaka yakwazi ukwakha isizwe

Jobs Creation Strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial is impacting everyone, every industry, and it is not just going to impact the residents that are coming from underprivileged societies. In South Africa, there’s protest planned to move against The Fourth Industrial Revolution; The strike is